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Historic Zoning Board

The Historic Zoning Board was created in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated Section 13-7-401.  Members of the Board are appointed by  the Mayor with Commission approval.  The Board consists of a representative of a local patriotic or historic organization; an architect, if available; a member of the Planning Commission , at the time of his appointment; and the remaining members shall be appointed from the community in general.

Meetings are held on an as-needed basis and open to the public.  Notice of meetings are published providing notice of the date, place and time of the meeting or hearing.  The Board maintains minutes of its procedures showing the vote of each member upon each question.  Members of the Board are as follows:

Historic Zoning Board Members:
 George Todd, August 8, 2026
 Mark Atkins, April 1, 2025
 Pat Terrell, September 3, 2028
Dickie Routon, September 3, 2025
 David Webb, September 3, 2024

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