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Pearls - the most precious stones

The pearl - the highest and richest treasure in the world. From the book "Natural History" by the Roman historian Pliny Cecilius Secundus. The charm of the pearl is present in every corner of the world and has been described since the beginning of history as the embodiment of virtue, love, wisdom, justice, spirituality and fairness.

Unlike diamonds and colored gemstones, when you first discover it, the beauty of a pearl is already set in stone and does not need to be optimized, cut or polished. A good pearl possesses its own depth and luster, exuding gorgeous color from the inside out.

There is no way to prove exactly when and where people found pearls, but we can imagine how amazed people of ancient tribes were when they ate or opened shellfish and found a sparkling round pearl hidden inside!

In modern times, people are more or less aware of where pearls come from. The delicacy of pearls often serves as a reminder that something that may seem unfortunate at first may bear good fruit. As you can see, without trials and struggles, pearls would not grow. More importantly, the presence or absence of pearls or the quality of the pearl depends heavily on the individual mollusk's self-survival in the environment. This is the same reason as our real life.

The pearl is the birthstone of the month of June and has a more ancient, mysterious and spiritual history than any other gemstone, and was preferred by the emperors. The unparalleled prestige of the pearl and the reverence it was held in at the time are reflected in the portrait collections of the world's major museums. Here, we can see the famous men and women of each era, who dressed themselves in pearls in the portraits they left to posterity.

For those who love pearls, this was a time to rejoice. The types and styles of pearls available, in terms of color, shape, and price, are unparalleled in the past. You can get pearls for a few hundred dollars, but they can also cost over a million dollars.

Pearls are fully comparable to the best diamonds, red sapphires and emeralds, and are the best of the best in jewelry and jade.

For example: a beautifully shaped natural pearl weighing 84 carats, which once belonged to a jewel in the crown of France. It skyrocketed in price at Christie's, setting a record of $859,000 for a single pearl; an extremely rare natural green South Sea cultured pearl necklace with silvery gray companion color fetched $160,000 at Sotheby's.

I share today or take the cost-effective route, in fact, today there are some more niche accessory brands, the style is very eye-catching, worth trying!

It's not hard to see that the necklaces in the store are very trendy. Pearls like a dot in which, but can not be ignored, and pendant texture with a very good chain, the ring interlocking present a pioneering yet millennial prudent texture of the beauty. For those who want to choose something with independent aesthetic accessories, this one I recommend, whether worn singly or mixed with other textured pieces, it is a choice that can not go wrong.


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