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12 Dreamy "Huggable" Boucle Chairs to Snuggle Up In

When I first began collaborating with my client for her bedroom remodel in March, we set out to think of an expression that could be a description of the overall atmosphere we were looking for in the "new" room's design.

After a tiring, exhausting day of work within the field of medicine, she was looking for an environment to return home to, that made her feel as if it were hugging her, softly whispering "Everything is going to be ok" to her ear. This is why "Huggable Bedroom" is the phrase we chose to describe her idea. Cute, right?

One of the most important items that will create a sense of security could be a pair beautiful chairs that could reside in a private windowed corner just across from the bed.

Her ideal chair was the gorgeous Lewis Armchair by Shoppe Amber Interiors. However, at $4,200, the chair was far from being within the budget.

So I analyzed the overall feel of the chair - cloud-like, comfortable and like a huge hug from a bear I searched for other chairs with similar qualities that would work within the design budget of her.

I have to admit, I can easily imagine myself in one among the "huggable" boucle chairs except for one particular caveat: I don't consider myself safe around furniture with light colors. Ha!

I'm like a huge toddler. I can't wear a clean t-shirt longer than 30 mins without getting some sort of dirt on it. True story.

If you're not afraid of white furniture that is non-slip and wish to be swept away by a super-comfy , nubbly chair I humbly thank you for your bravery and urge you to press forward with your purchase of alabaster white!

Take a look at these beautiful "huggable" sherpa chairs that are perfect for seriously cuddle time. the most stylish blanket and good read.

Leave me a note below and tell me which is your top choice!


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