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How to choose the cat's clothes?


1. Can cats wear clothes?

Many people worry about whether clothes will be a danger to cats,

Like stopping a cat.

My advice is not to choose that ribbon around,

There are lots of decorative clothes.

Simply put, there is no danger of stopping the cat!

So, cats can wear clothes dripping!


2. Do cats need to dress?

I usually consider two things,

One is to wear the cat when it's cold,

The Zhejiang side is really very cold and very cold, and there is no heating.

The temperature in November is still particularly unstable, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, especially not easy to catch a cold

Second, hair loss season I will give the cat a small clothes.

So Mao won't fly in the house!

It's not that you clothes your clothes,

Drop or fall, just can't fly everywhere!


3. How to choose the clothes for the cat?

I've seen lots of cat clothes


It feels like most cat clothes focus on "looking".

Safety and comfort are not done very well.

Some pet clothes will design lots of ribbons,

Or with decorations.


These can pose safety risks for cats. And pet clothes are mostly made up with collars and sleeves.

With the collar, cats can not easily eat cat food and drink water,

The sleeve size is not very well tailored,

Cats will feel uncomfortable in the creak nest position.

There are many styles of new baby, many sizes, how to choose?


Let's start with the size:

Cats from 9 jin to 10 usually wear 59 ㎝

Cats from 10 to 11 kg usually wear 66 ㎝

From 11 kg to 13 kg, cats usually wear 73 ㎝

Of course, here should also consider the summer thin or winter thick,

If the thickness is different, the size selection will be biased.

If you don't choose well, buy two more sizes and try it.

(Cats under 9 kg will look big in a newborn baby vest,

If you can buy it and change it.)

Lala's clothes are all too short.)


Let's talk about style:

I've bought a lot of styles and tried them, and if I summed them up,

① Choose from no embroidery, pattern, embellishment.

There is no embroidery on ordinary baby clothes,

And the pet clothes will have this kind of embroidery word embroidery,

Details of the thread is not handled well will be very firm.

So I choose the clean and refreshing baby clothes,

Cotton material, soft, breathable, comfortable!

② sleeveless

Pet clothing sleeve sizes easy to design bad, stuck arm.

The sleeves of baby clothes are too long and easy to tread.

③ hooded.

The hat looks very cute, but it is very inconvenient.

Cats can easily cover their heads when they bow down.

And generally design the hat clothes, the collar will be relatively small, will choke the neck.

④ button to choose the middle button, do not side buckle.

Some baby vests are side buttons,

Just the buttons on one shoulder.

The cat put the back button right around her neck,

The cat will feel uncomfortable and will lick the button position all the time.

And for this design of active cats,

Clothes are easy to be unstable, clothes may slip to the side of the button.

The ⑤ neckline is small.

The collar opening is too big, and the clothes are easy to slip on the shoulders.

The clothes slide down the chest.

If the clothes really did, the collar is a little bigger,

Then cut a piece of cloth from the undesirable clothes at home,

Sew on both sides of the collar, it will be much better!

⑥ has no mouth on the front



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