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Requirements for Permit Submittals

City of Paris
Minimum Building Permit Requirements

2018 International Building Code & International Residential Code

*All Plans to Scale*

Single Family Residence

Site Plan Lot size with setbacks, driveway, & drainage

Floor Plan Dimensions with door & window schedules

Framing Plan Floors, walls, & rafter sizes with pitch. Elevations

Other Footer size, foundation wall size, insulation value, & ventilation

Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family Residential

If total floor plan; with or without additions, new or existing buildings ; is greater than 5000 sf, a Tennessee Registered Architect or Engineer is required.

Site Plan City of Paris Zoning Ordinance

Erosion Control Plan Required Grading Plan, Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Plans

Storm Water Engineered drainage plan if in critical drainage or no increase zones

Landscape City of Paris Zoning Ordinance

Framing Floors, walls, ceiling, roof & insulation

Structural Weight bearing floors, walls, footings, & foundation

Electrical As required by the State of Tennessee

Plumbing All fixtures, locations, with water pipes, & DWV lines

Mechanical Heating/Air Conditioning equipment, placement, ducts, gas piping, wiring, & ventilation

Floor Plan Building, rooms, doors & windows with sizes, egress, firewalls, etc.

Fire Sprinklers Applicable as relates to building size, use, & occupant load

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