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Kim Foster

City Manager


It is the City Manager’s responsibility to insure the policy decisions made by the City Commission are carried out and that public services are delivered efficiently and effectively.

The City Manager is responsible for:

  • Making recommendations to the Commission, which the Commission may accept, reject, or modify

  • Implementing any action taken by the Commission.

  • Making budget recommendations to the City Commission.

  • Overseeing all city departments and managers, supervising over 100 city employees.

  • Work closely with the Henry County Alliance on Economic Development Opportunities.

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Jessica Crouch

Administrative Assistant


Work performed under this title includes administrative and technical work on the management staff of the City Manager.  The work is evaluated and supervised by the City Manager and receives general or specific instructions and advice, depending upon the nature of the assignment.  Major emphasis is placed on an in-depth working knowledge of municipal government operation, general liability/auto liability administration.


May be responsible for administrating designated departments and/or departments historically associated with City Hall operation. Will act as staff to Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and as Title VI Coordinator for the City.  The employee will exercise independence and initiative in fulfilling these responsibilities.

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