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Public Works

Residential Sanitation Collection in the City of Paris

Sanitation is picked up 4 days a week Monday through Thursday. Please call Public Works for pickup day for your area.

The sanitation system in Paris uses the manual, rear-loading, compactor trucks.

The current rate for pick-up is $16.00 per month, which is billed on your Board of Public Utilities bill.

The city picks up normal household garbage only (no appliances, furniture, tires, freezers, etc. shall be picked up on normal sanitation days).

All boxes are to be called in for our weekly cardboard pick-up on Thursday’s.


Limit of 10 garbage bags and  should not weigh over 50 lbs.

Residents have the ability to call the public works department and request an orange buggy rental for normal household items that are unable to fit in the normal sanitation collection. The resident may keep the buggy for one week at a time, and will be billed $60.00 per dump. The borrower will be required to sign a buggy rental agreement form prior to receiving the buggy.

(Notice Effective May 6, 2013)

The City Ordinance regarding trash has changed to curb side pickup. This means that trash should be placed within 3 feet of the street or curb. Trash needs to be out by 6:00 am the day of pickup and no more than 24 hours prior to pick up day.

For some residents, pick-up day will change. In those instances, a door hanger will be placed on a residence indicating the new day.

For persons that are handicapped and there is no one living in the residence that can take trash to the curb, Paris Public Works will need a current doctor’s excuse stating that the resident is unable to take trash to the curb. There is a (2) bag limit per person in the household that has a valid excuse from the doctor. Public Works will then pick up the trash in front of the residence. Public Works will keep the doctor’s excuse on file.

If there is an alley behind a residence, Public Works will continue to pick the trash up in the alley but must be able to reach the trash from the pavement in the alley.

Commercial or Business Collections

Commercial or business establishments may be served by Commercial Dumpster Refuse Collection and pay a monthly charge.

  • Dumpsters are for businesses only. They are 8 cubic yards in size.

  • Dumpsters are emptied by front load trucks.

  • These dumpsters are for the businesses paying for them, not for public use.

  • You can get the rates for dumpsters by calling the public works office.

  • Call the public works office for Commercial Rates.


This Division has the responsibility for ensuring the safety and maintaining the condition of all public streets, alleys, and rights of ways.

Services Provided

  • Patching potholes, utility cuts and driveway aprons (please call and report any pothole that has not been fixed)

  • Asphalt rejuvenation

  • Street cleaning

  • Snow and ice removal from streets

  • Leaf collection

  • Unplugging drains or sumps

  • Storm water drainage – maintain all storm drains, catch basins and drainage problems within the city.

  • Erect and maintain all city informational and traffic signage such as stop signs, speed limit, school, parking, warning, and street marker signs.

  • Facility maintenance

  • Install all driveway culverts for newly developed properties and replace old culverts as requested. Note: Culverts are to be purchased by property owner.

  • Replace and construct new sidewalks

  • Stripe/paint all city owned parking spaces, railroad crossings, school zones and crosswalks

  • Some street construction and asphalt paving projects

  • Maintain city and state right of ways within the city. Consisting of, but not limited to, mowing, trimming and litter collection, etc.

The Street Maintenance crew consists of

2 Foreman and 15 employees.

Additional Resources

For information on who to contact for traffic maintenance, and/or City tree maintenance, please contact the Street Maintenance Department at Public Works.

For street light installation and outages you should contact the Board of Public Utilities at 731-642-1322.


The purpose of the Public Works Department is to promote and oversee the construction and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure.

Contact Information:

Phone #: 731-642-0473
Text #: 731-333-9584

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Phillip Jessie 
Public Works 


The City of Paris picks up brush the last full week of every month, but will also pick up after any major storm.

Brush pick-up is a call-in service with one pick-up per household each cycle.

The City will not pick up anything from construction, demolition, or repairs.

No sections of brush shall be longer than 10 feet. Keep brush and leaves separated.

Brush shall be placed within 10 feet of the curb, not on the sidewalks or in streets.


Brush is not to be placed in any ditches that could stop water flow.


Leaf Pickup

Leaf pick-up for the city begins November 1st and ends March 31st.


Leaf pick-up is a call-in service during the beginning and end of our leaf pick-up season.


During the peak part of the season, we will survey the city and gather all piles that are visible.


Please keep leaves and brush separated.

Leaves should be placed as close to the curb and gutter without blocking the sidewalk and stopping up the drainage ditches.

Leaves may also be bagged and placed at the curb.


We will pick-up a maximum of 10 bags of leaves with our call-in brush pick-up service.

The City of Paris offers a bulk pick-up service for any items that are too large to place with normal garbage (Ex. TV, Mattress, Dresser, etc.).

Bulk pick-up is offered through a call/text-in and request service every Thursday of the month.

We will not take any items that were left from constructional debris, demolition, or repairs.

All items that are requested to be picked-up must be placed within 10 feet of the curb, and cannot be blocked, otherwise we will not be able to remove the items.

Contact Information:

Phone #: 731-642-0473
Text #: 731-333-9584

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